Braided Systems Incorporated

Helping Businesses Prepare for Growth - Networks and Systems Integration

What we can do for you and your organization

Improve Productivity and Service Quality

Our goal with you is to put in place improved systems and networks that help you better serve your market and to serve your market at lower cost.

Expand Your Reach - Do More with Less

We work carefully with you to determine where there are opportunities to reduce risk, reduce costs and improve service:

  • Are time and billing records complete and timely?
  • Is project and task information available and accurate?
  • Are disparate systems integrated so that shared information is consistent?
  • Are reports timely and accurate so that they reflect today's requirements, not last week's or last month's?
  • Is there a cost-effective business continuity and disaster-recovery process?
  • Is the business secure and protected from both internal and external threats?
  • Is there a thoughtful balance of cost and effectiveness for all systems and networks?

Reduce Costs of Service while Increasing Service Quality and Profitability

Thoughtful deployment of new information technology can reduce the costs of service while improving service quality. Customer relationship management can be improved both during the sales cycle and throughout the post-sale delivery and support periods. Better service at lower cost enhances the investment required to support business growth.