Braided Systems Incorporated

Helping Businesses Prepare for Growth - Networks and Systems Integration

How we design, develop and deliver for you

Our Tools and Our Process

Our first step is working with you to determine what you want to accomplish with your systems and networks, and what resources you have available to realistically maintain the environment. We then examine with you different approaches to developing your information environment to better utilize your resources and support your goals.

We then present you with a comprehensive proposal for developing an environment tailored to your needs, set up a schedule for implementation, and complete the upgrades.

Training, Support, and Ongoing Services

We work with you to determine the most cost-effective plan for maintaining a secure and stable information environment:

  1. We work with your systems administrator to fully and carefully document all the policies and procedures required to assure that your environment is secure, stable, current, backed-up appropriately, and fully archived.
  2. We train your technical staff on all new products and services thus reducing time to competency.
  3. If new staff is required, we can assist in recruiting, evaluating, and recommending new technical staff. Once hired we aggressively train so that time to competency is minimized.
  4. If dedicated staff is not required, we will maintain your information environment through a combination of remote and on-line services. This support could include help desk support and training of end-users.

Building and Maintaing a Strong, Secure, Stable and Productive Systems and Networks Environment

We work with you to asure that your systems environment is comprehensive and that it thoughtfully integrates all of your information requirements. We look at timely and accurate management reporting, finance and accounting, operations integration, web presence and web integration, communications and collaboration services, project and task management, and business security and continuity.