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What is Lorem Ipsum and Why Do I See It All Over the Place?

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In publishing and graphic design, lorem ipsum[p][1][2] is placeholder text (filler text) commonly used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document or visual presentation, such as font, typography, and layout. The lorem ipsum text is typically a section of a Latin text by Cicero with words altered, added and removed that make it nonsensical in meaning and not proper Latin.[1][2] A close English translation of the words lorem ipsum might be "pain itself" (dolorem = pain, grief, misery, suffering; ipsum = itself).

Even though "lorem ipsum" often arouses curiosity because of its resemblance to classical
Latin, it is not intended to have meaning. Where text is comprehensible in a document, people tend to focus on the textual content rather than upon overall presentation, so publishers use lorem ipsum when displaying a typeface or design elements and page layout in order to direct the focus to the publication style and not the meaning of the text.[2] In spite of its basis in Latin, use of lorem ipsum is often referred to as greeking, from the phrase "it's all Greek to me" which indicates that this is not meant to be readable text

Our Development Process

The last thing we do when we develop a site is add the content. Therefore, during development we often use "Lorem ipsum" to show where content goes and to check fonts and text colors.

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etaoin shrdlu

The first two columns of keys in a linotype machine are: e, t, a, o, i, n; and s, h, r, d, l, u. A Linotype operator would often deal with a typing error by running the fingers down these two rows, thus filling out the line with the nonsense words etaoin shrdlu. This is known as a run down. It is often quicker to cast a bad slug than to hand-correct the line within the assembler. The slug with the run down is removed once it has been cast, or by the proofreader.

Sometimes the proofreader would miss the run down type and thus
etaoin shrdlu would appear in print, often at the end of a line. So, if you are reading an older book or newspaper and you see "etaoin shrdlu", you will know that it was typeset using a hot lead Linotype™ machine and that the proofreader failed to catch the correction.